Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need an interior designer?

Now more than ever, we are inspired by beautifully designed spaces and “do it yourself” ways to bring those concepts into our own homes. We appreciate the savy and crafty individual who has the time and resources to do so! However, we also live in a busy world and sometimes those appealing room renovations lose appeal as you dig deeper into what that really entails. Interior designers provide a service. Similar to other service based industries, interior designers exist to provide you with the convenience of taking care of all of the work associated with your project from the initial design consultation to the final walk though in your new space!


What am I paying for when I hire you as an interior designer?

By hiring an interior designer you are investing in experience, expertise, creativity and industry resources that are not available to you otherwise.


What should I expect while working with you?

You can expect clear communication, timely execution of our work and the work, and results that you will love!


How long will my project take and how much will it cost?

The length of time from start to finish, and the total cost will depend on the scope of work involved in your design project. The estimated length of your design project will be discussed once we have an understanding of your needs. Similarly, there is not a “one size fits all” price when it comes to designing and installing the space you desire. We know that you are excited to be in your newly designed space, and will work hard and efficiently for you!  You can rest assured that you will be made aware of any and all changes regarding the time and cost of your design project.


What is the general process for a project?

If you have not done so already, you will want to contact us. From there you will set up a design consultation where you will share your needs and desires with our interior designer (see “What should I expect at the first meeting/consultation?” below). Based on what is discussed at the consultation, we will begin to put together a proposed design for you. We are confident that we will be able to provide a space you will love to be in!


How involved in the design process do I need to be/How involved in the design process do I get to be?

There are generally two approaches people have to working with an interior designer. Some are happy to hand over the reins and let us do all the work for you! There are other clients that hope to be more involved in the choosing of their products. Both are perfect clients in our mind; after all, it is your home! As mentioned earlier, we will keep you involved in any and all decisions affecting your time and money. You can expect that we will use our creativity and expertise in this field to deliver you a beautiful and functional space that fits your needs.


What do you specialize in? Is there a particular style you gravitate towards?

Renfrow Design specializes in residential and commercial design.


I want to update my (insert room here) but I don’t want to completely loose the style/feel I am used to in my home. Will you take that into consideration?

Yes! As far as a particular style, that is up to you! As an interior designer, we look forward to creating rooms, or entire homes that are meaningful to you. Our desire is that your final space reflects your family, your lifestyle, and your needs in both its appearance and functionality.


Your website says no project is too small, but what does that really mean?

Honestly, it can be as simple as suggesting paint colors, or providing you with some new accent accessories (throw pillows, lamps or artwork) or a rug to freshen up your space!


What should I expect at our first meeting/consultation?

At a design consultation we want to get an initial feel for the direction and scope of your project. Here are 3 questions we will ask you:

  • What is not working in your current space? (Appearance, traffic flow, functionality, comfort, etc)
  • How do you wish to use the space? (Entertaining, formal or casual dining, shared family space, etc)
  • What design elements are you passionate about seeing/including in your new space? (A certain color/pattern/texture, an existing part of the room, or a new piece you wish to have)


Ok, this all sounds great! How do I get started?

Contact us!